Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2 of me then!

I thought I would share some pics from Easter of 05!
This is the very day we told our families we were pregnant!

Look at the "lack" of landscape!

And my master bedroom was actually the living room I had always wanted! The one that people just looked at and never touched! Oh, how Mr. Cash changed all that! I love change!
Today! December 1st
-got up at 7:00 and did pretty much my same old thing, breakfast on the table, etc. Except, me and Cash had no school!
-went to Walmart while daddy kept Bubba!
-home at 9:00ish and I began my day! cleaned the entire den, kitchen, dining room and office. All decorations are finally put out as well! WOOHOO!
-Daddy came home around 3:00ish and hung lights across the front of our house!
-I cooked chicken and rice that my family LOVED!
-back up, Cash passed out at 6:00, no dinner, no nothing! He does this from time to time! He played hard all day long!
-Daddy, Sissy and I watched Four Christmases, Lance PASSED out about all the horrible things said in it and we all got in a huge fight about my moral compass vs his. It got a bit ugly and I am a liberal witch! HA!
-Sissy is now tucked in on my couch again because the rain scares her and Lance is watching Fringe and I am about to take a shower and blow dry my hair because its an act of God to plan to actually fix my hair nice for my brother's birthday dinner tomorrow night!
I will post decoration pics when I finish the other end of the house tomorrow! Having a playdate for Cash on Thursday! Gotta get it done!
This is me then, remember my boring days may change! HA!

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  1. love the old pictures, and Taylor's little outfit!


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