Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

Pic of the week
You Don't Get Much Cuter Than Autumn Walker

For Today Outside my window... HOT!
From the home office... Just getting my game plan together for my new office/craft room! It’s my big plan for the summer!
From the Kitchen... Lance is grilling rib eyes tonight, corn on the cob, baked potatoes and salad! We are celebrating the end of my semester at school! I am off until the fall.
I am reading... Twilight again! I needed a little Edward Cullen this week.
I am hoping...I can plan the most fabulous, fun, productive summer that the Jackson Family has ever seen! ;o)
I am creating... Lots of mini- “2 Do” lists that I can grab and tackle one at a time. I have so many projects I want to complete this summer around the house that we plan on doing LOTS of swimming, BBQing, and just hanging out!
I am hearing... 94.5 and Cash running around the house!
Around the house...Each week I say the closets but it never happens! I need to get to those darn closets!
One of my favorite things...is knowing Lance and the kids are outside swimming, playing or just hanging around the shop while I am inside cooking, cleaning, organizing, or just watching TV! I love that feeling!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Well, celebrate tonight with dinner and swimming, tomorrow I plan on getting a MUCH needed pedicure while Cash is at school and bringing Teapot Depot to Taylor’s two teachers (yes, one is one of my best friends), and Thursday night I plan on having dinner DONE before Greys Anatomy comes on! Saturday night Lance has a golf game all day and we have a party in Cypress that night while Taylor spends the weekend in Hallettsville!
Prayer Requests... Holly's Dad is still very ill and needs prayer and Lance’s Granny is starting another round of chemo today in Lufkin.

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  1. everyone needs a dose of EC now and again! congrats on finishing up the semester :) & enjoy the pedicure.


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