Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Street Market in Louisiana

On our way home from my grandparent's anniversary we stopped back through Natchitoches because they were having a street market down by the river. I sampled some of the best shrimp dip ever (even bought a little bit and ate it on the road) and the YUMMIEST fresh preserves. I bought some to bring home and the "Pomegranate" was a hit with the kids. Since we have been home we have had it for an evening snack with crackers and on hot biscuits for breakfast. I wish we lived in a community that had "Market Days" or some type of place we all got together once a month or even once a week for fresh produce, crafts, tamales, plants, anything! "Hummm", my head is spinning, maybe I can come up with something! ;o)

Taylor at the arts and crafts booth!

There was a band playing whimsical music!

Fresh eggs, jams, sauces and more.

You can see a booth with fresh mulch! People were lined up to fill their bags!

(Click on Comments if you have an idea or would like to start a "Market" in Crosby or know of someone that would like to head up something like this)


  1. You should totally start one of those markets! It would get so much business. I really loved the ones near my old neighborhood in Houston (in the Heights). Seriously. It would go over really well there.


  2. Do it!!!! That would be so awesome! Hell, we could set up tents in my backyard in a big square!!! Do it, Do it, Do it!

  3. Where would I even begin to set one up? I mean I could have one in my front yard to be honest. I have TONS of parking in the back and the front. But what about something on 2100? Like the Fairgrounds, or a parking lot, walmart or something? Maybe at the Newport Ponds, I grew up in Newport and they have had a craft show in the middle grassy area between then roads going in and out at the ponds. Can you imagine tents set up with booths and everything has to be handmade or a business, produce, food, antiques, etc. I think it would do SO GOOD in Crosby! I don't even know who to talk to! Anyone out there have any ideas? I could let Taylor sell Lemonade! ;o)

  4. Do a search on farmers/street markets in the Houston area - and find a contact person - and email them - they could give you some ideas. It would be good if whoever owned the property it was to be held on - would donate the space - so that vendors could put their booths up for free. In the meantime - visit one of the others in this area for ideas - there are several.
    I would line up for mulch!!

  5. Love this idea. The fairgrounds has the cover area and electrical access, the newport are a you mentioned might be good to. You should probably contact the Chamber of Commerce to see what you have to do to get it going. Have you ever beento the Liberty Old Tyme Days? Those pics remind me of it. Keep us posted in what you find out!

  6. this would be great julie!!!! oh what fun :)

  7. I have thought about doing something like this so many times!!! Let's do it, Julie! Crosby needs something like this!

  8. Girl..You know i AM IN!!!I always thought the old red and white grass offfice on the end of Krenek would be cute for something like that! Grass Farm Market..with tables spread throughout. Hey..Crosby is known for its grass farms! Lance being in that business could probably talk to them about that lot.


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