Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

For Today Outside my window... HOT!

From the home office... Finishing up a Power Point I have to present in my education class for my final on Monday.

From the Kitchen... Broiled Pork Chops, Mac and Cheese and corn for the kids and Lance. I am having dinner at a friends house.

I am reading... nothing, I am taking a break for a week or two to finish up finals.

I am hoping...I pass my Algebra final I took yesterday. I am on pins and needles waiting!

I am creating... so new ideas in my head for this house. I am going to get LOTS done this summer. I think I will start with painting a chalk board onto my pantry door for quick notes. reminders, and menus lists. This is also a "green" way to be!

I am hearing... Cash playing with his trains and watching Noggin.

Around the house...I am trying to get closets cleaned out and organized! It's not going well!

One of my favorite things...is finding new blogs to get ideas from! I LOVE blogs!

A few plans for the rest of the week... going to an Astros game with Lance tomorrow night, bringing dinner to Crystal on Thursday night. Sending Lance and the kids off to the deer lease for a few days, having Brunch here on Saturday with some girlfriends and just spending time alone! I am never alone for a long period of time. Then on Sunday being with my favorite gang! Lance, Tay and Cash.

Prayer Requests- Holly's Dad is very ill and needs prayer, Holly's brother Duke was in an accident and I pray for a speedy recovery.


  1. any test news yet??? fingers crossed for ya!

  2. I love your Terrific Tuesdays!!

  3. that picture is friggin hilarious. i love it!

  4. That pic is from two summers ago and notice the security tag was still on the hat! HA! We got it at the Rainforest Cafe and he screamed for it so we had to let him wear it that day and brought it back the next to get the tag off! ;o) Cash always seems to be naked at the beach! Anyone remember the naked spaghetti pics from last summer? ;o)


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