Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Trash to Treasure!

My friend Kristie has opened my eyes to a new place! The Goodwill Store! Look below at the "fab finds" I found and that a little spray paint goes a long way.
The gold looking piece on the far left was not priced, heavy, and I wanted it! A worker said $3.99 and I said, "Oh yes". The candle holder in the middle was $1.99 and so was the wine bottle holder. You can't see it up close (well, because I take horrible pictures) but it was very stratched and dirty looking. The tray on the bottom was spray painted a horrible silver and was only .99 so I jumped all over these.
A few cans of spray paint later, and....

This piece found a new home in our den.

This piece found a new home in our bedroom.

This piece found it's way into my kitchen as a tray for my night time snack!
All I need is my crackers.

And lastly this piece will be out at our next gathering to hold our favorite bubbly or as a gift for the next dinner party we attend!

*TIP: I used the CHEAP .97 flat spray paint to fully coat each piece and let them dry over night. Then I used a higher priced glossy can of spray paint $3.97 to spray a quick shine over each piece the next morning.


  1. Great finds Julie!!! I am enjoying this little trash to treasure business... :)

  2. Yes!!! i have a thiing for black spray paint too! Cute

  3. Julie.. that is awesome.. you are so creative.. I found two old rustic frames today.. and I think I might leave them like that or spray paint them a nice red.. depending on the portrait I put in them.. I am forever looking for ideas for our new home that we just bought.. our first one.. I love your blog and your links to the other great ones as well.

  4. Sarah, if you do something with those frames email me a pic. I would love to see!

  5. good finds Julie! I have found that the more expensive spray paint does work a lot better

  6. What Goodwill are you going to? Very cute ideas!

  7. I go to the one in Atascosita beside the Dollar Tree and Specs. Its hit or miss! Heather and I went Tuesday and it was blah! Heather got nothing and I got a .99 picture frame. But other times you will hit the mother load! I also bought some cute stuff at CUIC on Church Street last week. That is also where Heather got that iron tree. ;o)


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