Monday, April 27, 2009

Winners Winners Winners!!!!!

The Winners of the Mother's Day Contest Are
Sarah Lett and Sarah Smith
The first winner to respond will have their choice of pendants.
I also need your mailing address Sarah Smith
(you can email me at
I wanted to say thank you to all those that submitted entries! It has been a pleasure to read each and every one. You are all awesome and amazing mothers!


  1. Congrats Ladies! Great giveaway Julie!

  2. that's so cool! i loved reading the reposnses :) let sarah smith choose the one she likes- both are great looking to me! thanks julie...

  3. I am so glad you won Sarah! I let Lance pick two out a bowl and then Taylor read them to me! I was thinking! What? Both Sarah's! HA!

  4. congrats! Ok, I am going to have to buy my own then :(


  5. it's too funny!!! ok- i need to have a blog contest soon...this is fun! maybe an end of the school year/summer one.


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