Wednesday, April 8, 2009

09 Easter Buckets!

This year we are having a big Easter Celebration at our home on Saturday with family and a few close friends. This is the one Holiday (besides the kids birthdays) that I can pull off getting all our families together to celebrate and watch their grand kids hunt Easter Eggs! The exciting part is this year we have new additions to our family including Tori, Eric's girlfriend Joanne's daughter, Logan, Chase's girlfriend Brandi's son, and FINALLY a new addition to the Jackson clan, Rylan Marcus Jackson, born in February! So What does all this mean to me, well, Aunt Julie had to put on her thinking cap and put together some awesome baskets (or buckets) for the kids! They are filled with age appropriate fun for each and every one of my tiny guests! These are gifts from me to them! We will have to wait and see what the Easter Bunny brings on Sunday before we head out to church!

Now, Mr. Cash and Miss Taylor's buckets have sidewalk chalk shaped liked eggs, coloring books with bible stories, chocolate crosses, candy, tattoos, and stuffed bunnies that smell like chocolate.

Cash's has a new game for his VSmile and Taylor's has a new music CD!


  1. LOVE the baskets - these are too cute and I adore the letters!!!

  2. Thanks! I honestly decided to not paint or cover the letters because the kids can do it themselves as a little craft and the main reason! It matches my house! HA!

  3. Love these Julie, you are so creative!


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