Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

For Today Outside my window... sun is shining! Gorgeous Day!

From the home office... Just took an Algebra test, put my TECA Portfolio together and now I have to write a reflection paper about the semester.

From the Kitchen... Country Style Chicken, Red Mashed Potatoes and green beans.

I am reading... Finished Breaking Dawn, now I am taking a break from reading to focus on school work and skimming Twilight to read the parts not in the movie.

I am hoping...to get this house in order this week and get ready to go to Louisiana on Friday.

I am creating... a special place in my bedroom/sun room for our family to be lazy on a Saturday morning, eat our favorite Kolaches from town and watch cartoons while daddy usually keeps snoozing or until we all jump on him to wake him up! The kids, Lance and I lay around in my bedroom/sun room every weekend it seems lately. Oh, and it looks all pretty in these pics, but on the weekends we throw all those pillows on the floor, get blankets out of that ottoman and make a big pit bed on the floor! ;o)

I am hearing... Lance talking to the Sprint guy!

Around the house...My Cilantro and Peppers drowned I think in the heavy rain. They look horrible!

One of my favorite things...Is making a 2 do list and actually doing it! It feels AWESOME!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Clean and organize mine and Cash's closets.

Prayer Requests (new for my Terrific Tuesdays)- Prayers for strength always!


  1. Julie, I think I have the same rug I just bought for my living room, did you get it from Target?

  2. nope, that rug is from my mom and she found it on clearance at walmart about 6 months ago I guess. It was too light for under her dining table so she gave it to me! YEAH!

  3. have a great weekend in louisiana julie!


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