Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cash's Easter Party 09

Cookies Cash Gave to his classmates! Courtesy of Seale'd With a Kiss Of Course!

WOW! I am tired! This morning I had to run my term paper to school and drop it off! Then run back through to Walmart and get the stuff for Cash's party and I went ahead and picked up all the goodies for our family gathering here Saturday! (I found an Easter basket shaped pinata, I am so excited!) anyway, then I run home, throw together some party trays (I was in charge of PB and J Sandwiches and Meat Cheese and Crackers). Then, I grabbed my camera and ran back to Cash's school! He looked so cute today in his new clothes, but once I got home I realized I only took a few pics because he was having a such a good time at his party and I was helping, so I sat the camera down! ;o( But enjoy these pics of our handsome little man that desperately needs a haircut.

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