Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twilight had me at first bite!

I know three things for sure. 1. I suddenly love to read. 2. I can't get enough of the Twilight series and 3. I can't get enough of Rob Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen.

I picked up the book last week and thought I would give it a shot. Well, I fell in love with it a third of the way through and then decided I had to watch the movie. I was hooked as soon as Edward Cullen graced the screen. Then, I needed more so I got New Moon and started reading it on Sunday and I finished it today (Thursday). Now I am reading Eclipse and suddenly find myself wanting to slow down. I don't want this feeling to be over. It's like I am living in the pages. I don't know what it is, and all this rain. It's odd. Stephenie Meyer, the author, has me at full attention as I read the pages. The words just flow for me and go right into my brain and I feel like they are stamped there. I love it! The craziest part of all is my new found Hollywood crush in Rob Pattinson and he sings! I mean, WHAT! This man sings as well! Every page that Edward is on sends chills down my spine and I see exactly why Bella wants to be with him forever.

I am so excited about my new found Twilight hobby! It's fun and it has me reading! Don't get me wrong, "Julie can read", but I am a college student and I do LOTS of reading! I seem to not want to do it in my spare time. I think I married a Bad Boy myself! Bella should be so lucky!


  1. What Twilight Jewelry have you found on Etsy?

  2. yes to all the above!!! hadn't read in forever till i picked up twilight :)

  3. It's so funny to me because when I started readingthe series in September I would try to explain the books to people and as soon as they hear "tween series" they automatically looked at me like I had lost my mind! Of course it's nice now to hear my friends talk about them too with the same enthusiasm that I do.... IT IS AN ADDICTION! Of course now that I have finished the series the worst part is what do I read now??..... UGH!
    FYI...... LOVE the picture !!!

  4. I am so sorry Kristie! I wish I could have been there with ya when you were reading them! ;o(

  5. lol. I watched the movie the sunday after it came out on DVD. I am already halfway done with the 4th book!! I have an addiction to it, it's crazy. Oh well at least I'm not the only one with "Twilight Fever". I vote on a Twilight party when they come out! I'm sad to finish the last one :(


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