Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

For Today
Outside my window... It's a bit cloudy! I think rain is coming.
From the home office... Same as last week. Still looking at a pile on the floor of receipts and tax stuff. It will get done one day. I just know it!
I am thankful for... Lance Victor Jackson. He is what makes me whole.
From the Kitchen... Daddy decided to take the kids out last night while I was at Mom's Night Out, so we are having last night's dinner tonight! Pork chops, Mac and Cheese and green beans.
I am wearing...Pajama pants, Lance's tshirt. (I need to get dressed).
I am reading... Well, I was reading Twilight and Taylor grabbed it for the next two days at school (she's doing lots of tests) so now I am reading, "The Never Say Diet" and I have a free pass for the gym next week. We are going as a family for Spring Break. I hope to blog some good reports!
I am hoping... to get my "To Do" list done today. Wash, Dry and Fold 3 loads of Laundry. Straighten the house, put away all the clothes and clean out fridge. Totally do-able! I think!
I am creating... a place in my heart and mind for healthy living. It's a work in progress!
I am hearing... KSBJ and Cash watching Nick.
Around the house... Just keeping up with my flylady lessons. H and A Candles burning everywhere! Ah, it smells like a carrot/banana cake!
One of my favorite things... is spending the day with Cash!
A few plans for the rest of the week... I am observing at the High School this week, taking an Algebra test on campus Thursday (must study), keeping the house in order while Lance works late the rest of the week. He is on a big job! I am so proud of him! ;o)


  1. Ok - that's it - you and Sarah - I'm going to have to get in on this Terrific Tuesday thing.

  2. I made mine up but Sarah does a great one on Mondays and you can do a search Heather of other blogs to find one you like. ;o)


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