Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays!

For Today Outside my window... Dark and Cloudy! I think the rain is coming.
From the home office... I am working in the office all day today!
I am thankful for... my extra time alone with Cash while Tay is at school. He doesn't get me as much as Taylor did at this age, but we do enjoy our lazy days together.
From the Kitchen... I think I am making chicken and rice tonight!
I am wearing...black capris, "Authentic Crosby, Texas" shirt
I am reading... I finished Never Say Diet, in Phase One still and I am reading New Moon.
I am hoping... to get this office started in the right direction today and study my next section in Algebra. I already cleaned the house, loaded the dishwasher, shined my sink and started a load of clothes. I also hope to read 2 more chapters in New Moon today BUT Tay took it to school! URGH!
I am creating... a special place in my heart for special secrets I share with Lance. It's fun!
I am hearing... my play list playing in the background. The Rob Pattinson song kills me! LOVE IT!
Around the house...I have some new scented oils I can smell, I potted some more plants on the back porch. My pepper plants look good, my cilantro looks FANTASTIC and I hoping to get the yard looking perfect for our Easter Egg hunt and lunch here with family.
One of my favorite things...is obsessing over Edward Cullen. It's fun!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Studying, cleaning, and celebrating my 12 year wedding anniversary with Lance on Sunday the 29th! We are going to spend Saturday together shopping, going to bookstores, eating out, just being together! The kids are staying at Mimi and Papa's. We will pick them up late! HA!


  1. yay for terrific tuesdays and edward cullen! i have a copy of new moon if you want to borrow it so taylor can keep reading :) happy to share w/ you!

  2. OH YES SARAH! I will get it tomorrow! She is killing me!


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