Monday, March 30, 2009

Simply Vera Wang

My first class got cancelled today, so of course I had to skip the second one! HA! I ran by Kohls on the way home and bought these fabulous shoes by Simply Vera Wang. They were $69.99 marked down to $13.99. I about fell out! I didn't believe it until I checked out and saw the final price on the register! They look amazing on me and make me look taller and skinnier! I am in Phase One of the Never Say Diet. Today is my third day! Lance and I make no change in our diets but we have to work out 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 4 weeks. Then we start Phase Two that does change your diet a bit. I have drug myself out to the shop the last two days and walked on the treadmill and worked out on the elliptical machine! Man, it's hard! But I am rewarding myself with a lifestyle makeover! I want to dress sexier, (not slutty) sexier! Like yesterday I pulled my hair back into a low side ponytail and I felt sassy! Lance even noticed it and liked it. My plan must be working! I have spent my 20's and the first 3 years of my thirties overweight. I can't go on like this and no "quick fix" is gonna fix this! I have to make a lifestyle change. I think clothes and funky shoes are going to help me to get motivated and fun jewelry. Listening to music and staying positive and motivated! Reading this Twilight series has me feeling like a school girl and I love it! So, hats off to my "cheap" new sexy shoes! Now I need to find the perfect summer dress to go with them!


  1. kohls has been my recent new place to find dresses but girly here is an amazing web site with fabulous dresses
    check it out!! good luck girly and love the shoes!!

  2. wow, what a great deal on the shoes!!! gotta love that butterfly high school feeling twilight- especially eclipse gives ya! almost done??? i can 't wait for you to read breaking dawn!!!

  3. What a great deal! I need to get that book after Claire is done! I can't wait to start getting in shape again!

  4. I am almost done with Eclipse! I am LOVING it! Still hate Jacob! HA! ;o)

  5. Thanks, I will go check out shabbyapple right now! ;o)

    Yes, the Never Say Diet book is great! It seems do-able to me! Finally a program I feel like I can do. When it told me not to change my eating habits for the first month I about fell over. All diets make you do so much at once and sets you up for failure! This seems to be something Lance and I can actually do!


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