Monday, August 10, 2009

Shrimp Tacos Anyone?

Is this not the coolest pantry ever? It's my friend Kelley's and I LOVE the idea of screened pantry doors!
We had a "shrimp fry" at our friends home on Sunday and I thought I would attempt to blog some of my recipes that, over the years, my family has asked for again and again!

Now, I am a VERY, semi-homemade, kind of girl! Anything I ever blog about is going to be easy, easy, easy!
*When you are going to get together with friends and family, or even just you and yours at your home, don't skimp on the small stuff! Serve things in pretty bowls (that's what dishwashers are for) and always go for something EXTRA special! I grabbed a Cilantro and Lime Salsa for an appetizer instead of the same old Picante sauce and it was a hit!
*My famous Guacamole Dip! (for a large crowd do this, if 6 people or less, cut it in half).
-peel 4 avocados and remove the center.
-add 2 packages of dry guacamole seasoning (found in most produce sections)
-add one small container or half of a large container of sour cream.
I then use a potato masher to mix it all up and squeeze 2 small or 1 large lime all over. Then serve! (better if put in the fridge one hour before serving).
*My fish/shrimp sauce for tacos.
-the other half of the sour cream or one small container.
-buy a small can of chipotle peppers in adobe sauce or in its sauce. (it will say on the can). Take out 1 pepper and dice it up and place in the sour cream and mix. Your sour cream will turn a pinkish color. Also scoop a bit of the sauce from the can and place it in the sour cream as well and stir.
-squeeze 2 small limes into the sauce.
Let the sauce sit for one hour in the fridge. You may think its not spicy enough. WAIT the hour. It becomes very spicy! Then serve on top of your fish or shrimp in a corn tortilla w/purple cabbage and cheese if you wish!
We fried and grilled the shrimp and used flour and corn tortillas! As you can see by this pic, the sauce was a success!
Then of course some freshly baked cookies for dessert!

I am new to blogging recipes and don't always remember to take pics! HA! I promise next time I will actually take pictures of the finished dishes! ;o)


  1. This is my kind of meal! Great job on the pictures! Get ready because I'm going to have to ask you to blog one of your many recipes with me!

  2. Shrimp anything sounds great to me !

  3. love the music!! peaceful thats what i'm for!


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