Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let the Blogging Begin!

I "should" have a new blog up every day this week! This is Me, Then, has been a busy gal this summer. School is around the corner for me and the kids. The house is a torn up mess but I do have some AWESOME reports!
*I think I have our countertops picked out (granite of course) but we are still torn on what cabinets need to be exactly what color! URGH! BJane Brewing's hubby came by and gave us some ideas but I am still lost! It will be done soon (maybe if I click my heals together 3 times it will come true)!
*I hit the motherload at the Winnie Trade Days Friday! Lots of blogs on those finds the next few weeks!
*The kids room switches and re-do's will be complete by Sunday, August 23! (I keep repeating this to myself).
*I also have an EXCITING announcement! I am running out of room over here at my little cottage and I keep coming across some AMAZING finds that I don't need but I just know someone else does! I always walk away feeling such sadness! Well, I am going to start selling this amazing deals to you guys! I have a paypal account and/or I take cash or a local check. You can just come and pick it up, save yourself the hassle of garage sale hopping and trade day walking! Now, you out of town gals, you won't be left out. If I am selling something you just have to have I will take the item to the shipping or post office and let you know the cost of shipping and it's yours! Example, this precious calendar you see in the picture was a great find at Home Goods for $4. Something like this I could have just picked up an extra one and sold it to you at the same price. By the time people ask me where I find things, it's too late, it's already gone from the store! Now, other things I will be painting or learning to restore and I can't wait to share them with you!
Watch for some upcoming deals!


  1. Amazing Idea! I can soooo see you doing this!!!
    Can't wait!
    Possibilities are endless!

  2. Julie, that is very clever!


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