Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh What Have I Started?

Ok, This "Little" Man that you see above is my life! I am madly in love with the bigger version of him, but this "small fry" version is my world. Along with his amazing "big sis" I pretty much live and breath the Jackson kids!
Now, the quilt you see above is a wonderful baby gift I was given from a dear friend, Connie. It has been a fixture and guide to our decorating of Cash's room from day 1!
This antique megaphone was found at Winnie Trade days because the colors BLEW me away! In fact, this picture does not do it justice and these are actually the colors Cash's wall and ceiling will be. Now, when I got home, Mr. This is Me,Then, said not "NO", but "Heck NO" that megaphone is not going in my son's bedroom. He's not a male cheerleader, he's not George W. Bush." HA! He had me rolling, he was so mad! (oh and we are Republicans, that was not a Bush knock).
While the fate of the megaphone is still unknown, I still have much work to be done.
Half of Cash's furniture is in his new room, half of Tay's is in her's. I completely switched their closets. Tay is still on our sun room couch, Cash is back in his bed. Our bedrooms look like World War II, my kitchen is no where close to being started! Why do I start new projects when others aren't complete? Oh, what have I started?

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