Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines and Diplomas!

Well, my diploma finally came in the mail today. 
The anticipation and staring at my empty frame since mid December has just about killed me.  Well, it's here, I framed it, yes I have an Associates degree, but I've had one since mid December.  Ha! This is just a piece of paper. On to my bachelors degree.

In the midst of homework all day today I've played Words with Friends, ate an early dinner with my boys and made my son's Valentine Cards for his class.  I am reading The Love Dare again and starting it tomorrow.  My husband and I are in a little "funk" and me nagging him to be nicer to me and more romantic isn't working, SO I am going to do it to him. Do unto others kind of thing!  Fingers crossed it works!  I will report back in 40 days! 

I wanted to share a picture I came across the other day.  It's Taylor and her Granny that just passed away, Easter 2005. This was also the day we announced to our entire family that we were going to have a baby!  Taylor was 6 years old.

Time is precious.

This is Me, Then.

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  1. Diploma. Wouldn't that be a great play for Words With Friends. As a blogger myself, Words With Friends seems a more appropriate time-waster than, say, television. Bottom line, my blog has more word game posts than thoughtful entries. Too easily preoccupied by WWF and TV. I will always justify my TV time as long as I can tie it back to wordplay. Blame my love of Scrabble, WWF and TV trivia for me creating my blog and the anagrams I invent. Still, all these distractions keep me from posting interesting stuff like you do.


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