Sunday, March 6, 2011

This and That

I am giving up Facebook for Lent.  Yes, I am a Christian, no we don't belong to a church and no, we don't even know what denomination we are.  We were both raised Baptist/Assembly of God and we both don't want to be that anymore.  Nothing wrong with being Baptist or Assembly of God, it's just not us.  My husband is a HUGE history geek, me, not so much. BUT, I am becoming one and actually not caring so much who Brad Pitt is or isn't married to, and more about how the Anglican Church was formed and broke off from the Catholic Church and out sprung all these other church's through the years.  It fascinates me!  Which denomination is for me? That's the million dollar question!  We are on a bit of our own Eat, Pray, Love journey except I don't have to leave the country to do it!  (by the way, my father was born near Bali, her Love part, so I kind of feel like I've been there).  As I embark on these 40 days of giving up something that has a hold on me I want to share all kinds of wacky things with you like why I suddenly recite the Lord's Prayer each night and feel the need to make the sign of the cross after I am done.  Also, how I am put off by people posting things on Facebook all the time about "If you believe in Jesus Christ hit Like" and how some people freak when I slip a curse word here or there (its an illness, I cuss like a sailor, I am working on it) and look at me like they are so perfect when none of us are.  These are issues, yes, I have issues!  Ha!  But, this week I am going to start diving into all kinds of neat things about me, life, history, new pics of my house and a contest! 

If I have to give up something for 40 days, you guys are gonna get LOTS of blogging for 40 days! 

This is Me, Then.

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  1. looking forward to your 40days of blogging! :)


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