Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent, Me and Crabs...

Well, it's been almost 48 hours since my last post on facebook and I must say it was easier yesterday when I was up with the most HORRIBLE sinus infection, took some drugs, got my daughter to school, then got my son dressed for western day and dropped off at school,  went to get a copy of my marriage license at the county clerks office, shopped at Marshalls, back to pick up my license where the very nice clerk and I discussed places to buy blouses for under $20, then to the social security office to finally change from my maiden name to my married name so I can actually get paid by my new job as a substitute teacher (by the way I have only worked 1 day this week, but I am not upset and these two offices I speak of were in two different towns) then to a lunch with friends and then to the admin office to give them a copy of the receipt from the social security office so I can actually get paid! I think I already said that.  This was all before 1:00. Wait, let's back up.  Monday my precious baby boy had Kindergarten orientation and I was fine, no tears, no nothing until the very nice "has an accent" counselor mentioned the words "empty nest" and "how many of you will be having your last, first day of Kindergarten with your children" cut to tears, sigh, "mommy why are you crying" you get the picture.  Oh, wait, before the orientation I got called to work half a day so I went by my mom's job and told her she had to pick up her grand boy from school.  She of course said sure, then I went to orientation, worked half a day, then home to my mom and son outside doing my laundry.  yes, my mommy does my laundry when she comes over.  Insert SMILE.  Then sent my hubby and son to the t-ball practice from hell.  Who cares!  My daughter and I snuck away for Dairy Queen.  Don't tell the boys!  Then Tuesday rolled around and I don't really remember what we did except I made a HUGE meal for Fat Tuesday and my son hated it, my husband worked late and my daughter and I devoured it!  That was AFTER she and I went to her Junior High Orientation (insert, my mom kept my son again, she adores my little monster and insert we arent talking about her orientation or I will cry again).  So we are back to my crazy day yesterday that kept me from thinking about facebook and today I have stayed in my PJ's only long enough to change into sweat pants to drop off my work clothes at the cleaners and pick up a prescription.  My allergies are so bad I have resorted to taking 2x my son's prescription Singular.  I gotta get my own prescription. and insert I miss facebook! 

This is Me, Then.

Oh, the crabs!  Look at these dip recipes PW posted!  They look AMAZING! Crab Dips


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad the singular is working :) did it help the whole day?? Ugh how many more days do we have left of lent? I want a coke and I miss you on that social networking site that I won't say the name of!

  2. I'm glad to know I am not the only person who 14 years later has not changed my name on my SS card. but I didn't have to for my paycheck to work....
    Good luck with the Facebook thing. Not me, no way, not ever :)


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