Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That Just Doesn't Work For Me

Dear Me,

First of all you look very pretty today, now let's get to the reason I am writing.  I just wanted you to know it's ok to be you.  I know not everyone understands that you don't like to drink or drive after dark.  I know to some that may come across as weak, boring, or stuck up.  But I in fact know you better than anyone else does and I know that is not the case at all.  First off, you enjoy drinking, you don't like to drink and drive in any form or fashion and you are trying to be a role model for your daughter.  And of course you know she's not with you at a Moms Night Out or at a party but she's there when you get home, or she's there when the police call and report an accident you've just been involved in. It doesn't matter if the accident is your fault or not, drinking and driving don't mix.  Secondly, your little joke about "not driving after dark" is not literal but it's so "taboo" to actually love and enjoy your husband and children.  I know that you truly, madly and deeply want to be with them all the time.  You, along with your husband, have created a homelife that is actually fun!  You aren't being stuck up, you are just a bit shy.  You have issues, a chip maybe, that you aren't as educated as others and you are trying to change that.  You want so much from this world that sometimes a trip to Starbucks or lunch with a friend seems like a waste of a precious moment that you might miss at home.  I get you.  Lance gets you and one day your kids will.  That's really all that matters.  They are the ones that will be holding your hand at the end.  No one else.  Make deposits in the accounts that count.  You are SO good at that. And to all those couples out there that live seperate lives and do all these things without the other, I pray that works for them because I know you want to be with your loved ones all the time!  And one day when those kids leave some couples will be left with complete strangers or they will look into their spouses eyes and say "It's about time, lets get this party started". 

Love, You


  1. Awesome post. I always feel like people think I'm a little on the boring side when I tell them we don't generally go anywhere without our kids. We have so much fun together though! We started a family to BE a family. We won't have them for long and we are enjoying every minute of the chaos!!


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