Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nothing Says I am Thinking of You More than...

Nothing says
"I am thinking of you" or
"I am happy you are here"
more than flowers and candles.

When I am going to have a guest or just because my family is coming home from a long hard day, I like to make them feel welcomed!

Making someone feel welcome in your home means you fix it up, squeeze some lemons into the sinks, bake some cookies or just light a candle!

I have gone a step further and decided to venture into growing my own flowers.  This saves money and makes my yard smell,

These roses are starting to bloom on my back porch.

Here is one waiting for me to snatch her!

They are beautiful and smell like candy!

They are waiting for someone special coming tomorrow to eat some of my yummy...
My son even picked some for the special guest, but you will have to wait to see what all this about!  I sure hope the flowers can cover the fishy smell! 

This is Me, Then!


  1. I always burn tons of candles...love the coziness that it creates for guests! I wish I could grow plants...no green thumb here!


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