Monday, April 19, 2010

Black and White Anyone!

Well, unless you have been on another planet, you all know I love all things "Black and White".

What I also love is that I picked the name of my blog PERFECTLY,
This is Me, Then.

That title allows me to do and say whatever I want, whenever I want and not stick to a theme! Keep it fresh!  Don't worry, my crafts, decorating and giveaways will be back soon!  I am just absorbed in fashion as of now, or me, if you want me to be honest!  HA! 

Look what I picked up this past weekend at
What? You have never shopped there?

I love to pop in and out of their stores and I LOVE the online sales!  Here's a peek at what I got this weekend!  It was a splurge I rarely do (I like to spend my money on my house) but this weekend was all about me!

1st up, this AMAZING purse!

It is HUGE and ready for some summer fun!

I can already see some water bottles, sunscreen and glasses now!

This sweater is so LIGHT and feels like a million dollars!  I loved it so much I got another one!

Slightly different, but the same idea!  I can see tank tops with shorts or capris and these sweaters at the beach!

This is Me, Then.

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  1. Oh thanks for posting this julie! I so need to do somethin to ME! I am a wreck right now. Hair is always in a stubby ponytail, no pedicure in months, clothes are ridiculously outdated. I'm gonna follow in your footsteps and update my ragged self!


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