Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just be Present

From time to time I will just write.  It is not about one person or event most of the time, it's just about things I see, hear and feel.  Sometimes it is personal, sometimes its not. I just use this blog as my sounding board to the world. 
"Can anyone hear me"?

Just be Present

*When you take the most important step in your life called "Parenting", there is one thing you need to remember.  Your life, happiness, sadness, all of it, is not yours alone anymore, it now belongs to you and your child/children.  Every decision and move you make is like a domino and if you push one over everything in its path will fall, including your children.  Does what I am saying make sense to everyone? No. Do I feel like I am on an alien planet most times? Yes. Just be present for your children and grandchildren. Don't look at your watch the entire time you are with them. It's better just to not come at all and let them know you are a dead beat then coming and looking at the door the entire time.  Your little ones need you 24/7 right, they need you to feed, bath and clothe them, correct? Well, your teens still need you. If they make it on a team you need to be present at each and every event you can. If you are sitting at home while your child is playing, cheering, dancing or in the band at a Friday night game something is wrong with you.  You may sit in those stands for 3 hours and not even get a second glance from your teen but BELIEVE ME, (I was a teen once)we see you and we see you when you aren't there and believe me, we remember you aren't more than when you are.  This type of not being there effects a teen more than you will ever know.  When your children are adults they don't have to ASK you for help, money, or just a shoulder to cry on, you offer it. If you don't have what they need you figure out a way to get it. 

You are not first, they are!

I am rambling and needed to vent a bit and pray my daughter and son know each and every second of their lives until they die that they are and were loved by me!  Every decision I make has Taylor and Cash in mind. 

Just Be Present, that's all they need!

This is Me, Then

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