Monday, September 12, 2011

White Stuff in Your Hair?

Wow, let's see.  Is it Friday yet?  I got up at 5:45, hit snooze, got up at 6:00, hit snooze, got up at 6:15, hit snooze, hubby got up at 6:30.  HOLY SMOKES, I was supposed to be up 45 minutes ago!  Ran to my daughters room, "get up, its 6:30, we slept in".  Hair straightening iron goes on, and the day begins.  My son sits up in his bed as I walk to the bathroom.  "good morning mom" he yawns.  I say "lay back down" he replies "I slept a long time, I want to get up". 

Let's go back to this weekend and why we were all so sleepy!  My hubby and son went to the deer lease for a boys weekend with my hubby's dad, brother, nephew and friend.  Had a blast!  I stayed home w my daughter, had a blast!  Went to church, home to meet the boys and then go bowling w our church and then home to scream at the tv because my husband beat me in week 1 of our fantasy football!  URGH!  Stayed up until 11:00 hoping for a fantasy football miracle in the form of Santonio Holmes or Dustin Keller, and NOPE!  No miracle!

Back to my son this morning!  He's up, daughter is up, sausage and biscuits are going, thanks to my amazing husband and I go lay back down until 6:50.  Yes, I was that tired! 

Hubby says breakfast is ready, we eat and my daughter and I are out the door at 7:05.  Get her dropped off and I am back home at 7:30ish but I sit in the car for five minutes listening to the rest of Roula and Ryan's Roses Update on the radio, don't ask, but it involved a hubby cheating on his wife NOT w a female!  Tortured story I had to finish!

Back in the house, my AMAZING husband has our son dressed, I look for socks, fill out his fundraiser form, stick it in his back pack and he and I are off!  THANK THE LORD he was eating at school today, chicken nuggets and green beans to the rescue!  No lunch was needed!

Get him dropped off by 8:00.  Home to an important conversation with my best friend as I started a load of clothes and then finished our talk while I enjoyed a slightly cool humid hot breeze outside.   I then walk in the house and my husband tells me to follow him 45 minutes away to take my car to a shop we use now since my car is out of warranty and it specializes in my car and is half the price.  Ok, so I am off again!

Half way home after all these plans of lunch and grocery shopping together (yes, my exciting life with my husband while the kids are away involves grocery shopping), I realize I am supposed to be at my sons school at 11:00 to take Grandparents Day Pictures as a volunteer.  We race home, I throw my dirty hair into a pony tail, change from my "mommy pants" to some fancy "mommy pants".  Then I get to his school at 11, stay until 1 taking pics and pulling him out of class while his teacher and I re-measure him for a tux he has to wear in two weeks for his Aunts wedding!  (measurements got mixed up). Then I race home, load the dishwasher up and decide to leave a little early to pick my daughter up from school for her Orthodontist appt because my husband had to go look at a job and I was afraid I wouldnt be back in time for my son to get off the bus!  So I had my neighbor and friend on stand by and even the bus driver, texting her and telling her just to take him home if noone was outside!  She's a friend of the family thank the Lord! 

Orthodontist appt. went well, got elastics, don't ask, and then home by 4:00 (got son off the bus) for me to realize I have a math quiz due by midnight and homework due by 8:00 AM tomorrow.   So, bootcamp is out, I am staying home, washing clothes and doing math until I pop!  Daddy is handling dinner, boiled shrimp and football! 

Oh and if you got this far I will save a little tidbit for you:  As I sat in the orthodontist office with my slick backed dirty pony tail, my daughter says "you need some head and shoulders, you have white stuff all on the side of you hair".  I just sighed and kept playing Words W Friends on my phone.

This is Me, Always. 


  1. Whewwwww!!
    I'm so laughing at the end with the Words with Friends. ;)
    Girl, you are just beyond to busy.

  2. Take a few seconds to CHILL! BTW thanks for the awesome song for me to listen to as I read about your crazy hectic day!


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