Monday, January 9, 2012

College...Don't Knock It Unless You've Tried It.

College, if your parents put you through college, stop right now and give them a call and say thank you. 
College, if your parents couldn't afford to put you through so they took out loans, donated body parts, whatever, stop right now and call them and say thank you.
College, if your parents were unable to put you through BUT supported you as you put yourself through with words or praise and encouragement and just being there for you, stop right now and call them and say thank you.

If you did or are doing it all on your own with no support from your family, no words of praise, no words of encouragement, stop right now and thank yourself.  You are truly amazing! 

If not only you are doing it yourself but you are also married with kids at home, a single parent with kids at home, you work, you do anything other than have complete focus and attention on college then you deserve a key to the city!!!! A Parade!!!! A Party!!!! You deserve everything.

If you have a loved one in your life, a friend, a child, a parent, a neighbor, or anyone in your circle that goes to college please remember that not only are they doing something VERY SCARY and out of the box, they are doing something for their family's future.  A typical day for them involves the normal routine of a crazy parent and trying to maintain a marriage and/or homelife, but sitting in a classroom with a bunch of teenagers or twentysomethings fresh out of highschool that make you feel SUPER old and refer to you as Mrs. or Mr. instead of "hey you".  Then you come home and any free time is spent grocery shopping, bill paying, clothes washing, dishwasher loading and when you finally sit down and try to remember the last time you bathed someone needs help with their homework, folders signed, books read, and then you realize its 10:00 and everyones going to bed.  BUT WAIT, you haven't done your homework because your college professor doesnt care what your homelife is, you need to read this, type that, post a response to something by tonight at midnight. And if you WORK too, full time or part time, God Bless You! Its the MOST rewarding and MOST frustraiting thing any adult can take on.  SO, please realize if this person you love doesnt make it by to see your new lamp, or meet you for tea, or go shopping,  that they really just need a nap or a caserole for tonights dinner. Also, any free time is given to their spouse and children that never get their full attention anymore.

Hats off to returning students of the world!  You are amazing!

This is Me, Then.

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