Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Really Don't Know What to Blog About Anymore!

Well, I am at a loss for words.  Yes, me! Crazy huh?
I was hurt very badly this past Spring and putting my life out for all to see has been hard for me.  Do I stop blogging all together? Do I just blog what we cook? Do I just blog crafts or decorations?  Do I just let myself blog whatever is going on that day?  These past six months I have had some major ups and downs and my eyes have been opened to numerous things.  First off, facebook is a tool used to hurt people.  Not everyone does it, not even mean people do it.  People in general use Facebook to post about their magical life and all thats in it and what someone else wasn't invited to.  People will post about this and that while their friends read it and wonder why in the world they werent invited and then remind themselves that they are adults and this crud shouldnt matter.  Then people don't use the private message button to ask someone a question or thank them for something they did because they want the entire world to see!  They WANT their friends list to see that not only where they not invited but they had a blast too!  LOL! 
How did I figure this out?  I was doing it!  Not only was I doing it, I was reading others posts that hurt my feelings because I didn't understand why they didnt invite me! 

So, as hard as it is for me, I have tried to make my status updates about me only and not who I just had dinner with and you didn't!  Its a learning curve and I also don't want to give away so much of me that people think they know me just because of my status updates. 

Really people need to think!  You are posting these things publically because deep down you want people to know you did something fun without them!  It hurts!  Ha!

So, I am trying to stop doing that myself!  I may slip a time or two, but I am trying!

With that said, I want to get back into blogging.  I don't know when or how but I want to.

We'll see what happens!

This is Me, Then.

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