Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Closer...I think

If you ever get the chance to go to New York, DO IT!  Even if you only go once, you must go.  Every move I made, every step, every thought, I always had 9-11 in the back of my head.  As i stood at Ground Zero I thought, "did someone lay here hurt, or worse" "was someone standing in this very spot when the planes hit" and so on and so on.  New York is full of life, hustle and bustle, and constant movement.  At first I couldnt stand it, but as the days went on I began to realize what people loved so much about it, LIFE.  Its everywhere.  Sometimes when we live in a place where you have your own yard, a fence, privacy, we forget that there is life out there and we need to be in it.  I try to stay active and in the "know" not because I am nosey, or want to control something (i do like control though) but I want to experience life ALL THE TIME! 

The picture above was taken by me on top of The Empire State Building and you can't help but feel close to God up there.  Yes, there is noise, but there is a silence that you don't get on the ground.  The wind, the horns far off in the distance, and the movement of people can be ignored as you realize
"I am on top of the world".

I don't know how or why this picture inspires me, but it does and I feel like that trip brought not only my daughter and I closer together but me and God.  It reminded me of the pain that was suffered on 9-11 and every day after.  It reminded me to hug my family tighter and tell them I love them every day.  It reminded me not to waste time.  It reminded to learn to say no, choose me and my family over silly things.  It reminded me to finally take a leap of faith and follow my heart and get to the root of religion and how it all began. It made me finally realize what was wrong with me the entire time I was searching for a church and God kept putting this same phrase in my head "Find a church that you can sit in agreement with.  Not some of it, all of it".  I pray that God has his hand on my family in the coming weeks.  I think we may have found our church!

Enough serious stuff! 
Later this week: Pics of all my Halloween decor!

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  1. Julie,
    I invite you to come to my family's church. It's Crosby Church on Hwy 90. Wednesday service starts @ 7:00pm & Sundays @ 10:30am. On Wednesday nights my husband teaches the 6th,7th, & 8th graders and Cash would have fun in his own class also. If your still looking for a home church .. please come to mine before you make your decision. It's very casual so don't think you have to "dress up" because we are a come as you are kind of place .. :)
    Hope to see you !!


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