Thursday, October 21, 2010

After School Cupcake Party

After School Cupcake Party for my son! 
He had a "Boo-Riffic" Time!
Make it fun and exciting.

A take home snack for each kid's lunch the next day.
My SPOOKY tree!  
Tree was $9.99 at Marshalls (had two broken limbs where you could see the brown through, I just used a black sharpie and you can't even tell.) the spider web costs .99 and the crows were $1 each from the Dollar Tree.  A few had missing felt on their chest where you could see a tiny peek of the white foam and I again used a sharpie!  I LOVE this tree!  Very proud of my "cheap" centerpiece that makes a "big" impact.
$1 napkins with the green in my kitchen from the Dollar Tree.

I made dark chocolate cupcakes and did initials of each childs name. 
 This cut down on the icing and made this sweet treat a little less sweet! 

Cupcake Set is from WalMart. I think it was $3.99.

This is Me, at Halloween.

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  1. Ms julie you are the best neighbor a neighbor could ask for, thank you for inviting gracey and partner to cash's lil after school party i had fun so i know they enjoyed it!


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