Friday, October 29, 2010

EASY Party Ideas!

Above is a pic of the after school
"Cupcake Party" Gang! 

Spooky Spider Cookies are SUPER easy and extra fun.  My son was so PROUD when I walked in with these at his class party.  I think you can see what I did!  Hint:  USE Double stuffed, icing for the eyeball whites and mini chocolate chips for the pupil!  SO MUCH fun!

Get a bowl, fill it with "baby ghosts" make a cute tag and bring a scoop!  There you go!  Oh and as you walk around to each child ask, "Would you like some baby ghosts"? Watch their faces as they check it out, swallow a big gulp and say yes!  Giggle! Or say, "those not ghosts, they marshmallows".

I knew about the Spooky Spiders years ago and thanks to my friend Heather for the baby ghost idea! 

This is Me, Halloween.

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