Friday, September 18, 2009

The sweets just keep coming!

I have the sweetest friend ever named Sarah! She and I met I guess its been 3 years now, through playgroup! I have always loved Sarah and admired her commitment to her husband and her children, but, I always thought she seemed a bit quiet or shy! Boy, was I wrong!
She has the same passion I have, all things Twilight! She actually took my daughter to the midnight DVD release of Twilight after a Taylor Swift concert. She called and asked if it was Ok and that Taylor wanted to buy a copy. I said sure, whatever!
Well, do I need to say more?
Sweet Sarah brought me these cake balls and I snagged these awesome pics of them from her blog! Go check it out!
Life As A Twilight Mom
(you will see it on my side bar).


  1. That is a cute and creative way to do cake balls!! I like the way Bakerella does her cake balls too...but Sarah's with the fork stuck in them are too cute!! I hope you had a GREAT birthday week!!

  2. julie! you're gonna make me cry! i'm so happy to call you my OME sister and friend :)


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