Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bella's Birthday Party!

I belong to a sisterhood called OME. Its a Sorority that has one common factor, we love all things Twilight! Yes, I said it, Twilight!

But, it's more than just Twilight. It's a group of women that get together and have true care in their hearts for one another and do community outreaches. If you can notice in some of the pics we are all wearing matching crests. A way to spot one another or to remind us that someone is always thinking about us.
These ladies are from all over the city and had never met me before that night and they were so warm and welcoming. Like one giant book club for women that have the Twilight bug.
We all exchanged gifts and stories and have plans to spend more time together as the holidays roll around.
You might ask how I could possibly have time to join in to something like this, but that's just it. I am making time. I am making a commitment to have a network around me that not just in my normal comfort zone. It's out of the box, or the volvo, so to speak!
It's a language I can only speak with these sisters.
Omicron Mu Epsilon
"I love you like you were my own sister".
Alice Cullen, Eclipse

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