Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Promise I am Still Here!

I promise I am still here and alive!  HA!  I have been SUPER busy these past few weeks with school ending for me and two kids. Also, slumber parties, a quick trip to our deer lease, everyone getting sick, stress, stress and more stress!  But I did manage to start going to a Bible Study with my Sister in Law and I am loving it! 

I thought I would go over my May goals and hope to post some "summer" ones soon!

May Goals:


read a new book

date night with hubby

start swimming with the kids

hit Kemah Boardwalk for the day


do an "at-home" project once a week and blog

make mother's day cards out of all my cardstock and goodies instead of buying

water all my plants every evening while the kids play

plant some wild flowers on the front fence


organize my closet

finish my side of the office

clean out my car and get it detailed

organize Tay's room once and for all!


make one new recipe a week

hit the farmers market when possible

blog one organic recipe a week

no eating in the car


rejoin the gym done

hit the gym or walk at home 4-5 days a week

take the kids on a walk once a week

lose 10 lbs in MAY! (lost 5)

make a "heart healthy" recipe for my dad once a week and send it home with my brother!

volunteer at my daughter's school for park and field day

*Well, it looks like I will be moving these "not done" goals to my summer list, but I didn't do too bad!  Its a start!

This is Me, Then.

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