Friday, June 25, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Vacation pics!

I thought I would share my TOP 3
favorite pictures and want to
thank you ladies in advance for
sharing your
special moment with me.
this past spring break we had a houston staycation. it just proved to us that it doesn't matter where ya go or what ya do, as long as you are having fun together. we each got a city pass and hit some fun houston spots.

We just got back yesterday from an amazing trip to Alaska! We went with my parents on a Holland America cruise through the inside passage of alaska and stopped at 4 great ports. This was while we were cruising through Glacier Bay. I felt so fortunate to not only go to alaska, but spend this time with my family seeing God's creation. It was our first real vacation as a family of 3, but got to experience this with my parents. I hope to one day go back so my son can see it and remember it, rather than just look at the pictures, but if we never get that chance I hope he can look back and see the beauty in the many pictures we took


And the WINNER is below. Thank you Kari for sharing something so special with me! I will get your gift card to you ASAP!
This is the last family vacation we went on before my dad passed away. He had throat cancer and could not eat, therefore, he was on a feeding tube the last five months of his life. It’s my mom and dad at The Lady and Sons restaurant…the reason we chose to go to Savannah, GA for vacation that summer… I will never forget this picture… It shows my dad happy and I know that he was able to actually eat food while we were on this trip…


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