Monday, May 3, 2010

Easy "Vase" Craft!

I found these glass bud vases
awhile back and never did anything with them! 
I then saw a simple idea in an All You magazine using 9 jars!

Well, I used my 6!
Take that, All You, with your fancy 9!

You'll Need:
*bud vases
*ribbon or string of choice

Imagine my surprise when I opened them and realized the three were glued together!  YIPPEE!  Less work for me!

Just take your ribbon or string and tie it around all 6!  It takes a few minutes to get it just right.  I guess you could glue them all together but who wants to do that!
Then I cut some flowers right out of my own backyard garden!

I wanted to share this because I see this EASY craft being used in SO many different ways!
*baby shower centerpieces
*outdoor wedding
(dang it, why didn't I do this for my brother's!)
*Birthday parties
*Any entertaining or just family fun!

This is Me, Then.

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