Thursday, November 18, 2010

Re-post from Dec. 09. Old Shutters are So Much Fun!

Get ready!  The holidays are around the corner.  Find your old shutter now! Re-post from December 2009. 
I got the idea to use a shutter from Buffy over at B Jane Brewing. She had a GORGEOUS red one!
So, I went to a garage sale and found this one and had to have it!

Well, we began to strip it so I could paint it red and my hubby stopped me and said, "I think it looks good like that, kind of rustic".

I have now decided my husband is a genius or clever!
He no longer had to strip and paint it! HA! But he did paint an entire set of clothespins red for me!
Love it and Love him!

The shutter will spend the other 11 months of the year in my daughters room for her fun pics and invitations!
This is Me, Then!


  1. I have an old plantation shutter I bought from a garage sale too - my favorite thing about it is the chippy old paint. It has a few homes already in my house, right now it's in my bedroom

  2. I love this idea :) i was browsing google and came across your page:) GREAT blog:)



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