Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Day!

Let's see. My day M-F goes something like this, unless I get called into work and then the house goes into complete disaster mode!  LOL.


6:00 am (really, no way, I reset it for 6:40)
6:40 am hit snooze once
6:45 am hit it again
6:50 am seriously, I gotta get up

My Morning Routine Moves Very Quickly. No time for error.

I brush my teeth, throw my hair in a bun, place my sunglasses on top of my head, turn all bedroom lights on and fans off, start a load of clothes, throw some biscuits in the oven, place 5 frozen sausage patties in the pan on low heat, kiss my hubby goodbye, he has an early meeting, and then go back into my daughters room and say "seriously, GET UP" and she always responds, "what time is it" and I scream "7:10, GET UP NOW".
7:10 Sissy is up and she also moves very quickly because we lay our clothes out the night before and bathe.
I made my bed and started working on my bedroom a bit (deep cleaning it this week)
7:25ish Sissy finishes breakfast and makes scrambled eggs and plates our yummy meal! 
7:30 I try to wake my son up. He is not having it this morning and I HAVE to get him up because his daddy is at work and he has to ride to take his sissy to school.  Oh well, I give up and decide to eat my breakfast warm!
7:35ish I eat and watch 2-3 music videos with my daughter. I notice my Mom's husband drive up a little earlier than he did yesterday, he is doing some work on the outside of our house, and I get an idea!  Cash can stay in bed!  He will be here in case he wakes up!  WOOHOO!
7:50 we jump in my truck! 
7:55 we pull up to the grocery store to pick up some bottled waters for lunches.
8:00ish Can't Beat Maria comes on the radio and i try to call and never make it through.
8:10ish I drop my daughter off and head home!
8:25 I pull in and when i walk through the door my son wakes up.  He never knew I was gone!  YES!  Good Mom!
I give his plate a quick 30 seconds in the microwave, make him a milk (he has to take a stool softener daily and milk is the only way I can hide the nasty powder)
8:30 I start another load of laundry and start cleaning my room (which has a sunroom attached which acts as our second living room)
8:40ish I get on the phone with my dear friend and we yap until almost 9:15. I gotta go, i tell her, I gotta clean! 
9:15-11:00 I cleaned my bedroom while my son went in and out playing and watching tv (i let him stay home from preschool)
11:00 I made us some yummy canned raviolis!
11:30 I was back in the midst of my bedroom deep clean makeover!  I was moving stuff, hanging stuff, taking stuff down, just lots of stuff!
1:30 rolls around and another load of laundry later i started dinner. spaghetti with deerburger. Family fav!
2:00 I take a break on the porch to look at my new Pottery Barn Catalog.
2:30 Back in my bedroom and i must say its looking fantastic by this time but I am feeling funny. Must be the canned meal I devoured for lunch.
3:00 Oh, thats why i feel bad.  My monthly visitor showed up, Mr. Period.  I know he's a man because no woman would do this to me each and every month!
3:15ish. Still cleaning my room and sunroom. By this time I am mopping and dusting.
4:00ish My daughter gets off the bus, my hubby is home and its a bit of chaos.
4:30 my husband has to leave again for a quick trip, I feel like laying on a heating pad and everyone is screaming they are hungry.  We eat at 5:00 around these parts!
4:35 my hubby calls and tells me he hit one of my new pots with his trailer when he pulled out.  He will fix it when he gets home, I should not panic.  I shockingly say ok, and dont' panic.
5:00ish we are eating, cant wait for daddy and the garlic bread.  5:30 Daddy is home, and he brought ice cream for dessert (love my hubby). So we all venture outside till dark playing volleyball and t-ball and just enjoying the spring time weather.
7:30ish I am back in, I take a shower and tell everyone mommy is off the clock. Dishes can wait, it can all wait.  I curl up in bed w my laptop around 8:15 and just VEG OUT!
9:30 the kids come and ask if they can lay with me.  I of course say yes, only until Daddy comes to bed.  I turn my noise machine on to Oceans and set it for 30 minutes.  I don't know when, where or how, but I woke up this morning and they were gone to their bedrooms and I slept like a log! 

I live a charmed life, I know!  ;o)

This is Me, Then. 

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