Sunday, November 15, 2009

Give Me The Simple Life

I plan to blog much more as the holidays are approaching and the semester is winding down for me. Until then please take a moment to hug your little ones and your spouse even closer! My family is my world and we fight hard, play hard and love even harder. Why do I seem to GO GO GO so much? Because I was given the honor of being the mother to Taylor Nicole and Cash Andrew, and the privilege of being Lance Victor's wife. I wouldn't miss a minute of it for the world! LIVE IT, I say, LIVE IT!


  1. Great picture!!! I wish we lived closer to Crosby so we could have Viv take our family pics, too.

  2. LOVE the picture!! Taylor is a mirror image of you with a little Lance thrown in and Cash is the mirror image of Lance with a little of you thrown in...PREFECT!!! See you Thursday!


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